Our research studies evaluate the current and proposed health policies in Romania based on evidence published in the research literature.

Below is a list of our publications:

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on chronic patients’ access to medical services in Romania (2020) [English]

Decalogue for improving Healthcare in Romania (2020) [English]

The scale of private clinics’ involvement in National Health Programmes in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca (2020) [English]

The Romanian HIV National Program – Description of a Maze (2019) [English]

How the largest 10 Romanian cities are tackling air pollution (2018) [Romanian]

The oncological drug crisis in Romania: causes and solutions (2018) [Romanian]  + Website

Analysis of the parallel export of medicines from Romania (2018)   [Romanian]

How satisfied were the Romanian patients of the public hospitals (2018) [Romanian]

Romania, the EU leader in antibiotic use. Authorities are neglecting the situation (2017) [Romanian]

The crisis of anti-tuberculosis medicines in Romania (2017)  [Romanian] and [English]

Financial relationships between the pharma & medtech industry and the Romanian medical system (2017)  [Romanian]  and executive summary [English]

Introducing a basic health benefits package in Romania (2013) [Romanian]

Introducing pay-for-performance in Romania (2013) [Romanian]

The privatization of Romanian public hospitals (2012) [Romanian]

The privatization of health insurance in Romania (2012) [Romanian]