The Romanian Health Observatory aims to contribute to improving the Romanian health care system by conducting research studies on the effectiveness of health policies and health service delivery.

The values shaping our work are:

Expertise We make use of established methodologies to identify, synthesize and analyze the available evidence. Be it literature reviews, statistical modeling or policy analysis, we rely on state-of-the-art methods from the current academic literature.
Transparency We are transparent about the methodological framework that we use in our research, acknowledging its assumptions and limitations.
Independence Our reports and the views we express are informed as much as possible by the rational interpretation of the available evidence. We aim to stand apart from any a priori ideological association in the policy process.
Accessibility Our research outputs are freely available on our website and can be referenced.


We activate in two areas and we work along three dimensions.

Our two areas of interest are public health and economic analysis.

Public health

Economic analysis

We monitor the disease burden trends in Romania and aim to use high quality evidence to curb these trends. We take part in the process of identifying the most effective public health policies through evidence synthesis, observational data analysis and health impact assessment. We cover a broad analytic spectrum, from economic evaluation of medical technologies to the analysis of key health care markets – primary medicine, institutionalized health services, health insurance and pharma.

We work along three dimensions: Research, Communication and Education.

Research We monitor the pressing issues in health and health care. We identify, analyze and interpret the evidence and use it to formulate recommendations.
Communication We make our outputs easily accessible. We are transparent about what we did, how we did it and how the data support our conclusions. We are active in the health policy public debate in Romania and always aim to convey a clear, accessible message.
Education We aim to raise the level of policy dialogue by means of high quality research products. We wish to become active contributors in knowledge transfer so as to make health services research in Romania the norm, and not the exceptions.